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As a partner at Corker Binning, Edward is engaged in advising on a variety of criminal litigation matters, particularly in the business crime arena as well as his extradition work. Edward continues to advise individuals under investigation by the SFO, HMRC and FCA.

Edward is an experienced criminal lawyer, having conducted a wide range of criminal cases from police station to trial. His criminal litigation practice covers a broad spectrum of offences ranging from complex fraud to serious sexual offences, offences of violence and murder. Edward has extensive experience of acting for youths.

Edward has provided advice and representation to individuals facing extradition to a wide range of jurisdictions such as the Republic of the Gambia, United Arab Emirates, the Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Peru and India. Edward has had conduct of hundreds of European Arrest Warrant cases from almost every EU state.

Edward’s expertise in extradition means that he is ideally placed to advise individuals in relation to INTERPOL red notices. He has advised numerous individuals regarding the procedure for applying for the deletion of red notices and has successfully made representations to the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files (“CCF”) for the deletion of red notices issued for his clients.

Edward’s expertise in extradition law was recognised by the House of Lords Extradition Law Committee in October 2014 when he was called upon to give oral evidence to the Committee. Edward’s evidence featured prominently in the Committee’s report published in March 2015.

Edward is the co-author of ‘Extradition Law: A Practitioner’s Guide’ that is published by Legal Action Group. He is the Co-Founder and past Chair of the Defence Extradition Lawyers Forum.

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Business Crime

– Acting for an individual in an SFO prosecution for bribery offences.

– Acting for an executive of a household name company in connection with a major police investigation.

– Advising an individual in a DOJ/FCA investigation into the trading of dollar SSA bonds.

– Advised a suspect in the SFO investigation into Tesco.

Criminal Litigation

– Acted for ‘Boy B’ who was acquitted of offences of conspiracy to rob and perverting the course of justice following the fatal stabbing of Yousef Makki in Manchester.

– Secured no further action for a teenage client accused of rape. Edward advised the client in interview.

– Successfully represented an individual charged with causing death by dangerous driving. Expert defence witnesses were instructed from the UK and USA to give their opinion on the phenomenon of “looming” that led to the CPS offering no evidence shortly before trial.

– Obtained NFA’s for two clients accused of being involved in an affray during a West Ham football match at the London Stadium.

– Secured the acquittal of a client who faced trial for the alleged theft of a bottle of wine valued in excess of £7,000.

– Successful representation of an individual accused of raping a co-worker. No further action was taken against the client after a yearlong police investigation.

– Successfully drafted representations to the CPS, resulting in a client not being charged for allegations of child abduction.


– Acted for an Ecuadorian national in the first extradition request to the UK from Ecuador. The client was discharged from the extradition proceedings.

– Acted for an individual whose extradition was sought by the USA in connection with the ‘tuna bond’ scandal.

– Secured the discharge of a British national whose extradition was sought by Greece following his conviction in absence that resulted in a sentence of 10 years’ imprisonment.

– Secured the discharge of a British national whose extradition was sought by the UAE for fraud offences.

– Obtained the discharge of a female sought on a Russian extradition request on the grounds that she would face a real risk of ill treatment in the female prison system.

– Successfully appealed the decision of a District Judge to send to the Secretary of State the case of Retired Lieutenant Shankaran. The case was an Indian request for extradition relating to the so-called ‘Naval War Room Leak’.


– Secured the deletion of red notices issued at the request of the UAE authorities for a British couple.

– Obtained interim measures for a client blocking the circulation of a ‘diffusion’ and ‘notice’ via INTERPOL’s channels whilst the CCF considered substantive representations.

– Secured the deletion of a red notice for a British national who was the subject of a red notice for issuing a ‘bounced cheque’.

– Persuaded the CCF to recommend to the General Secretariat of INTERPOL that a red notice application for his client not be processed on the grounds it would breach INTERPOL’s Constitution to do so.

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