30 November 2020

Edward Grange quoted in Criminal Law Week on the SFO

Partner Edward Grange has been quoted in Criminal Law Week on the European investigation order, and the Serious Fraud Office’s ability to investigate and prosecute serious fraud in cross-border investigations.

“…Given the UK only has another five weeks to utilise the European investigation order (EIO), it may also be the last time they are considered. Designed to speed up mutual legal assistance between member states, the EIO is one investigative tool that the UK will lose come 1 January 2021, when the UK-EU transition period ends. The SFO has said that this will adversely affect its ability to investigate and prosecute serious fraud. Standing back from the court’s analysis of the scope and purpose of EIOs, this case, which pertains to “Operation Venetic”, highlights the loss that investigative tools such as the EIO will represent for criminal law enforcement in the UK; the rapid arrests of those accused of serious organised crime in the UK may not have not been possible without the use of the EIO…” said Edward.

Edward’s full comments can be read in Issue 43 of Criminal Law Week.