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Andrew Smith’s comments re criminal prosecutions for breaches of export and trade controls published in WorldECR

UK Businessman jailed for Iran exports must return £1 million of ‘criminal profits’ In a rare example of a publicly-announced prosecution for a violation of UK export control regulations, a UK company- and a director of that company who was previously jailed for the violations – has been made subject to a confiscation order on […]

CAEC report critical of government’s record on arms controls

Earlier this week the International Committee of the Red Cross announced that the fighting in Syria had become so widespread that the uprising should now be regarded as a civil war. This announcement coincided with the publication of a report by the four House of Commons Select Committees on Arms Export Controls (the CAEC report), which were set up to scrutinise the government’s policies and performance on arms controls. In light of Syria’s descent into chaos over the past year, it was surprising to learn from the CAEC report that the government permitted the export of military armoured vehicles and hazardous chemicals to Syria over the same period.