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CPS drops tax fraud charges against Corker Binning client Matthew Cahill

Tax charges against former Sidley Austin partner, Matthew Cahill, have been dropped. Cahill had been accused by the CPS last year of conspiring to cheat the public revenue following an investigation by HMRC into a company called Zeus Partners. The charges against Cahill were dropped after the CPS admitted “there was a fundamental failure of […]

Don’t expect prosecutions to come from the Paradise Papers

Britain tripled the number of civil and criminal investigations linked to the Panama Papers over the past year, from 22 to 66, according to a statement in September from HM Revenue & Customs. Should we expect to see a similar flurry of investigations arising from the Paradise Papers? If we are talking about criminal investigations, […]

Jessica Parker comments on the Paradise Papers on BBC News and The Credit Protection Association

In the controversy over the Paradise Papers, questions have been raised about the role, responsibilities and liability of professionals in the creation and facilitation of tax avoidance schemes. … There is, or certainly should be, a strict ethical dividing line between tax avoidance and tax evasion. If a client asks a solicitor for advice which […]

Andrew Smith comments on the Paradise Papers in The Times Law Brief, BBC News, International Adviser and The Global Legal Post

A leak of financial documents has revealed the offshore interests of hundreds of high-profile companies and individuals. The revelations are the result of investigations by journalists across the world who have examined 13.4m files belonging to professional services firms and offshore corporate registries. Andrew Smith, Partner at Corker Binning, commented: “If Appleby’s advice has gone no further […]

Jessica Parker comments on the facilitation of tax evasion in economia

Accessory to evasion Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has launched its new weapon in the war on tax cheats – an offence of “failure to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion”. The mechanism started ticking for real on 30 September. But many firms have already shrugged their shoulders, given a resigned sigh, and started […]

The rise of corporate transparency in the UK and UK territories

Over recent years, the UK has legislated to increase corporate transparency in its fight to combat criminal activity and to investigate bribery and corruption, money laundering and tax evasion. This is in line with its EU obligations under the Fourth Money Laundering Directive and commitments made at last year’s London Anti-Corruption Summit. Since 6 April […]

Peter Binning discusses the Criminal Finances Act and corporate tax evasion in Compliance Week

The UK Criminal Finances Act seeks to stamp out corporate tax evasion Thanks to legislation that is due to come into force in the United Kingdom this September, corporations face the risk of an unlimited fine and a criminal conviction if any employee or “associated person” working on the company’s behalf facilitates tax evasion. Under […]

As HMRC ramps up criminal enforcement, are you ready for Unexplained Wealth Orders?

On 8 November the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced that criminal and civil investigations had been launched into 22 individuals following investigation by the Panama Papers Task Force led by HMRC and the National Crime Agency. Mr Hammond also said that another 43 high net worth individuals had been placed under special review while their links […]

Couple Acquitted of Fraud After CPS Case Collapses

This morning Mita Davda and Nelesh Panchal were formally acquitted of fraud after the CPS case against them collapsed. The jury trial was dropped today after the prosecution offered no evidence against the accused. Ms Davda had been charged with fraud over personal expenses of more than £5,000 and recruitment fees paid to Mr Panchal […]

Jemma Sherwood-Roberts discusses global corruption in The Times

The future for tackling global corruption? Edward Fennell The anti-corruption summit last week garnered immediate headlines for David Cameron. But what will happen to the nine pages of ambitious aspirations — covering everything from public registers of beneficial ownership to money laundering and ‘unexplained wealth orders’ — published after the conference? City lawyers will be […]