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The law’s response to the link between terrorist financing and criminal activity

The presence of former criminals in terrorist groups is not new, but since the rise of ISIS and the increasing number of European jihadists, the link between ex-offenders and terrorism has become better recognised. There is now a well-established link between those who have a criminal past and a terrorist future. The ICSR (International Centre […]

“Better the devil we know”

On 21 August 2015, two British citizens were killed in Syria by an RAF lethal drone strike: Reyaad Khan, Ruhul Amin and another ISIS associate. This was the first time in the “war on terror” that the UK’s armed forces had killed UK citizens by means of  a lethal drone strike. This deliberate killing was […]

Joint enterprise: reason restored in landmark Supreme Court judgment

On 18 February 2016, the Supreme Court handed down its much awaited judgment in the appeal of R v Jogee, which was consolidated with the Privy Council case of R v Ruddock. The Court, unanimously allowing the appeal, has marked a judicial shift from over 30 years of previous law. The appeals were brought by […]